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Alicia Garza

My name is Alicia Garza, with me, you will find a sensitive, trusting and discreet atmosphere to „transform“ your concerns.

I took my first breath in Mexico and there’s where I grew up. After my studies, love brought me to Munich and since then I have been happily married and am the proud mother of two wonderful adult sons.

My passion for human behavior has inspired me to delve deeper into these topics. I have continued to educate myself to expand my knowledge and skills in the areas of personal development and emotional healing. Over the past 20 years I have completed various trainings including EFT Master Practitioner, NLP, Focusing, Kinesiology, Biomagnetism, Reiki Master, and more. My newest tool in the kit is Breathwork and I fell in love with it instantly.

I have made it my mission to share my knowledge and experience, accompanying people on their path and helping them finding clarity, strength and inner balance. That makes my heart sing!

I’m a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and member of Alchemy of Breath’s Family.

My Phylosophy

As more and more people see nowadays, I am convinced that each of us shapes our experiences with our thoughts and feelings, with our words and actions. We are responsible for our own lives and all the experiences on it.
Buddha explained it like this: “The mind is everything; what you think you will be”.
Our experiences outside are a mirror of our inner being, of our consciousness (and also our subconscious mind).
Life takes place now, so the power of transformation lies always in the present. Even old hurts can only be resolved in the now. Combining different techniques and methods, I guide you to awareness and opening your heart breath by breath.

My Expertise

My focus is on emotions and how to accept, experience and let go of them. Hardly any of us have been taught how to cope with emotions and feelings in a healthy way. Often it is the case that we have been taught to suppress our emotions and not show them. But now we know that suppressed emotions and feelings disrupt and block the flow of energy in the body, which leads to physical discomfort.

In order to restore inner balance, order in body, mind and soul, I use effective and gentle techniques, such as Reiki, Focusing, GEM, EFT, and others. These methods support the natural processes of the body and activate the energy flow and self-healing powers.

My areas of work are energy work and emotions coaching.


All of our sufferings are caused by unfinished emotions. I have specialized in guiding people to recognize, accept and let go of these emotions, finalizing the cycle and achieving resolution and allowing self-healing.

You will learn simple tools that you can use in everyday life to cope with stress and to increase your life energy.

A treasure that will enrich you for the rest of your life.

Let us fill our consciousness with love, peace and harmony

and that is exactly what we will experience in our lives.

My Experience

Years of Coaching Experience
Many happy Customers with References
Seminars and Conferences attended


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Let’s open our heart, breath by breath!