Breathe with me

THE NEST Breathwork Community

Welcome to our Conscious Tribe !

We are so happy you are taking the time for self care and building community.
We will be harnessing the power of our breath  to connect to our bodies and the whispers of the voice within us, so we can start shining our light brighter and with the sense of more purpose.
We want to make this available for every body and  are offering one breathwork session for only 11€ per person. Please fill out this form to register and paypal us, after receiving your registration and payment, we will send you the Zoom link to join in.
TUESDAYS 18:30 UK – 19:30 CET
No prior experience is necessary for the breathworks. The breathwork is suitable for newbies and experienced breathers.
All breathing protocols are scientifically based and our work is trauma-informed.

Please note that any session with us does not replace any relationship with medical doctors or primary care providers. By attending these sessions, you understand and acknowledge the following:
a) sessions are not intended to constitute medical advice or any substitution for medical care;
b) sessions are not intended to be relied on for prescriptions, recommendations, diagnosis or treatment in relation to any health problem or disease;
c) I understand that if I am taking any medications or have any medical conditions such as, but not being limited to: schizophrenia, bi-polar, epilepsy, heart conditions, or a delicate pregnancy, that I must advise the facilitator/s. I also understand that even though I have been accepted as a participant, I am responsible for any consequence resulting from a Breathwork Session.
I you have one of these conditions, please let us know:
Please Paypal us  11€ and give the date you will join:
If you don’t have paypal and want to use other payent form, please send us an email 😉

What to expect

Being held in a community of like minded people with the same intention. Imagine being in a space where we do not need to perform and nobody is expecting us to be anything. A space where we are welcomed to put our armour down and show up just as we are. A space where we are being held and cared for. Seen, heard, witnessed. Communities like these offer some profound healing. You will fall in love with it!
Understanding the power of sharing and having some company on your journey. We were never meant to figure this out alone!
Sharing some laughs, tears, aha moments.
Realising how much power and wisdom you carry inside of you, and learning to tune in to that voice.
We believe that nothing is coincidental. Any group of people coming together is always perfect, as it should be and we all have our place and role to play within that dynamic. We can guarantee that you will get inspired by others and their journeys.

Benefits of Breathwork

-Improving emotional health and wellbeing, by bringing awareness to restrictive patterns and then integrating them.
-Reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety and alleviating depression.
-Integrating past trauma and releasing emotional repression, unhealthy patterns and belief systems.
-Releasing blocked energy and creating more balance, both physically and mentally.
-Improving circulation and strengthening the immune system.
-Improving respiratory dysfunction.
-Learning to listen from the heart and opening ourselves to receiving.
-Developing and deepening the mind-body relationship and the listening skills.
-Can help with insomnia and sleeping problems.


The flow of the Session:

Here is what’s going to happen during the 90 minutes session:
+Arrival and connecting
+Framing the Breathwork journey using the conscious connected breathing technique
+50 minute Breathwork journey using CCB
+Integration and grounding

Some suggestions:

·    Please be ontime.
·    Quiet, private, uninterrupted space.
·    Make sure any partners, roommates, kids, or pets give you space for your session.
·    You need to be able to lay down flat (on the bed/couch/floor) with room to completely stretch out.
·    You will want to be in a receptive body posture with arms and legs uncrossed.
·    Don’t have anything too high under the head so your throat will stay open. You can have a thin pillow or a folded blanket as a pillow.
·    Body temperatures can fluctuate, so make sure you have a blanket and a glass of water
·    If you need any extra padding or props under your body or knees, please do what you need to do to be supported. This is your breathwork practice and you know your body best.
Looking forward to breathing with you!
Your Nest holders,
Gabi, Dominik and Alicia