Reiki Plus

Wellness for the soul!

At the beginning of the 20th century Reiki was developed from ancient Japanese traditions and has been used by monks and philosophers since then.
Reiki from Japanese: Rei = cosmos and Qi = energy.
The term describes an invisible life energy that is channeled through the laying on of hands during the session. In this way Reiki can be made available for yourself and for other people. During the session, the entire organism, including body and mind, is involved in order to recharge the body’s own batteries.
Reiki improves wellbeing, strengthens defenses and can activate self-healing, releases blockages, detoxifies and cleanses people on all levels and leads to deep relaxation.


Through my many years of work as a Reiki Master, I made the experience that a combination of tapping and Reiki achieves a deeper relaxation and longer-lasting results.
The session starts with tapping (EFT). This is a technique that has already brought thousands of people emotional relief. Certain predetermined meridian points on the face and body will be stimulated by tapping them lightly (therefore called tapping). This simple and sometimes unusual procedure can be used to resolve emotional disorders, phobias and physical problems.
The tapping is followed by a regular Reiki session for deep relaxation and recovery.