Reiki Plus

Wellness for the soul!

Reiki and its Timeless Wisdom

Reiki, a beacon of holistic wellness for the soul, traces its origins to the dawn of the 20th century when it was meticulously developed from ancient Japanese traditions. For centuries, it was a closely-guarded treasure of monks and philosophers, serving as a conduit to inner harmony.
The name „Reiki“ itself reflects its profound essence. „Rei“ signifies the cosmos, an expansive energy that unites all of creation, while „Qi“ symbolizes life force energy. In the graceful interplay of these two elements, Reiki emerges as a transformative, invisible life energy, harnessed through the laying on of hands during a session.
Reiki, a profound wellspring of spiritual vitality, brings forth an opportunity for self-discovery and rejuvenation. In its gentle embrace, both body and mind unite in harmony, reviving the body’s innermost energy reserves.
Reiki transcends mere well-being; it delves deeper, fortifying one’s inner defenses and invoking the power of self-healing. With an elegant touch, it releases the shackles of emotional blockages, detoxifying and purifying individuals on every plane of existence, leading them towards profound relaxation.

The Synergy of Reiki Plus: A Deeper Wellness Experience

Drawing upon years of experience as a Reiki Master, I have discovered that the fusion of tapping and Reiki fosters not only deeper relaxation but also results that stand the test of time. This unique approach weaves together two profound methodologies to guide you towards lasting emotional relief and healing.
Our transformative session commences with Tapping (EFT), a powerful practice that has ushered thousands into emotional freedom. With precision and tenderness, predetermined meridian points on the face and body are gently stimulated through tapping, releasing emotional burdens, phobias, and physical discomfort. This simple yet remarkable procedure unravels emotional knots and sets individuals free.
The tapping prelude sets the stage for a holistic Reiki session, where deep relaxation and recovery await. It’s an opportunity to replenish and rejuvenate as the timeless wisdom of Reiki washes over you, restoring harmony and balance.
In the synergy of Tapping and Reiki, your wellness journey is elevated to new heights. It’s an embrace of profound transformation, where relaxation endures, and healing is an enduring gift. Join me on this extraordinary path towards well-being, where Reiki Plus unveils the secret to a life imbued with balance and vitality.