Panic and fears Adieu

Marion came to me because she had suffered from panic and fear for years.
I accompanied her for a while, here are her words:

(Translation from German)

Since 1992 I have suffered increasingly from panic disorders which, ended up in a burn out in 1999. This led to my collapse and ultimately to early retirement. The panic stopped me from participating in a normal life.
Crowds, subway, events with people were no longer possible. Daily things like shopping, doing correspondence, meeting friends were only possible with great effort and good preparation. And of course psychotropic drugs. I made slow progress until I met Alicia Garza. With her help, in the form of tapping, magnet therapy, guided eye movement … a rapid success was recorded in a very short time.
I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Joy of life and confidence moved in. She found panic triggers that were not discovered even in 3 years of psychotherapy. The panic has not completely disappeared, that is probably no longer possible, but I take part in life with joy and have learned from her how I can effectively get a grip on impending panic and depression. Hats off!!!

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