Letting Grief go – Case story

(Names have been changed)

When Ute first came to see me, she was very desperate and as soon as I asked what she wanted to work out in our session, she burst into tears. She was unable to finish a single sentence, her pain touched me deeply. She kept apologizing for her tears, understanding her pain,  I handed her out tissues and encouraged her to let her tears flow. I assured her that she was in a safe place and that it was perfectly right to cry when her body felt a need for it. After a few minutes I saw the first signs of a smile. Then I explained to her how my coaching works and that she intuitively made the right “choice” to consulting me. After a few calming exercises, she relaxed a little, I could clearly see that her face looked more relaxed. Now she was able to tell me her story.

She lost both of her parents, her father when she was 13 years old and her mother eight years ago. Since her mother died, she has felt sad and depressed all the time. She felt very vulnerable and couldn’t control her tears, which was very upsetting for her too. Despite many years of psychological support, she had not yet been able to come to terms with her loss. Her sadness overwhelmed her constantly. When she finished the short version of her story, the tears and the despair came back. I could clearly feel her frustration and see that she was constantly blaming herself for not being able to overcome her loss. She felt like a “softy”, that only made the situation worse and more complicated. Her whole energetic system had lost its balance and was all the time under stress.

We decided to start working on the loss of her father. After various somatic (body-related) exercises, the stress in her body was significantly reduced, she felt tired but quite relieved. We agreed to meet for the next week. In the following six sessions we worked on the blockages in the energy body and thus released unprocessed events for reprocessing. At the end of these six sessions, Ute felt lighter and her constant grief subsided. She has accepted her tears as an integral part of her and now she has understood how good it feels to accept all emotions and feelings, being a sensitive person. If tears come back, she will greet them and give them space and attention. Ute is a strong and loving woman, and now she knows it too and is proud of it.

Her well-being has definitely increased and I am very grateful to have accompanied her for a while on her journey.

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